Thursday 15 March 2012

Our first results - Energy Audits on video

Yesterday, the team from Anahat Energy completed the last of our twelve energy audits. 

But here are the movies we've made of the first five, done in the last two weeks of February, and wonderfully captured on film by Amanda Bluglass

Each of the audits follow a similar format, though each film focusses on different elements. 

In this set of five films, there are three private houses and two community buildings: St Lawrence Chapel and Woodlanders School (which backs on to St Lawrence Chapel). Two of these houses are Grade II listed buildings, in the conservation area in the centre of town. The third dates from the 1970s.

In each of the houses, you'll see a large fan. This is put into one of the doors that lead to the outside world, and all other doors and windows are closed. Once the fan is going, it extracts air from the house, creating a difference in pressure between indoors and outdoors which is equivalent to a 20mph wind blowing outside the house. Then a thermal imaging camera is used to show where heat  is being transferred out of the house most quickly (the cold spots if you're inside the house).  

For each of these audits, a full written report is also being produced. Each of these will be available on this site before the end of March. 

Grade II listed solid stone and timber 

1800s mid-terrace house

St Lawrence Chapel Grade II* listed 

community building

Early 1900s Solid Stone Community Building

Grade II listed 16th Century Stone House

Three-Bedroom 1970s detached house